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The Iliad, the Odyssey and all of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less

My sincerest thanks go out to everyone who auditioned—those of you who know me, know that I enjoy seeing what you bring to the auditions, but casting is the most difficult part of my job.  If you did not get cast this time, please don’t give up—keep pursuing your craft!  There are many other opportunities around in this community and here at BHS next year.

The Crew List will be posted sometime next week.

Cast:  Expect an e-mail early next week.


Mrs. Skelton


Cast List

Angela Crosatto:  Student 1, Carol, Andromache

Brady Kiesling:  Menelaos, Hades, Thor, Ares, Student 3

Christopher Xue:  Zeus

Isabelle Metzcus:  Hera, Prometheus

Lola McManus:  Hermes, Eris, Trojan Soldier #1

Lou Ryan:  Thespis, Principal Thomas, Odysseus

Lucas Gilmour: Man, Paris, Diomedes, Trojan Lackey

Lukas Mills:  Achilles, Nestor, Hephaestus

Maddie Greene:  Pandora, Iphigenia

Max Sigler:  Patroklos, Apollo, Agamemnon

Piper Supplee:  Oracle, Aphrodite

Ruby Lawrence:  Jane, Persephone, Student 2

Sophia Weiler: Tom, Demeter

Viva Freedman:  Epimetheus, Athena, Mrs. Henderson