Legally Blonde - Rehearsal Schedule

Sep 17Mon3:45whipped into shapethe jumpropers + brookeZac 6:15, Evan, Kate L. 6:00, Lola 7
Sep 18Tue3:45Dance What You Want 1 and 2cast in this numberVanessa, Angela 5:00
4:15Dance OMIGOD YOU GUYSDelta Nus & Elle
4:30So Much BetterDelta Nus & Elle
5:00Whipped into Shapejumpropers & brooke
Sep 19WedVocal - Music RoomZac, Jessie 5:00, Abby 6, Ellery, Kate L. 6:00
3:00Ireland *Paulette, Offstage Voice TBD
Ireland (Reprise) *Paulette
3:15Find My Way/FinaleElle, Paulette, Vivienne, Enid, Emmett, Ensemble =All Cast
4:15Harvard Variations *Emmett, Aaron, Padamadan, Enid, Whitney, Harvard Students
4:30Blood in the Water *Callahan, Elle, Vivienne, Harvard Students
4:45Legally Blonde *Elle, Emmett
5:00Delta Nu Nu Nu *Elle, Brooke
5:10Run Rufus Run!/Elle Refects *Elle, Paulette, Emmett
5:15Serious Reprise *Warner, Elle
Serious *Warner, Elle
Sep 20ThuVocal - Music Room
6:00Legally Blonde RemixElle, Vivienne, Paulette, Mom, Dad, Kyle, Enid, Brooke, Delta Nes, Ensemble =All Castt
7:00Scene of the CrimeElle, Margot, Serena, Pilar, Warner, Emmett, Vivienne, Brooke, Mom, Dad, Judge, Delta Nus, Ensemble =All Cast
8:00What You Want *Elle, Pilar, Margo, Serena, Kate, Ensemble, Dad, Mom, Grandmaster Chad
8:10What You Want (Part 2) *Winthrop, Lowell, Pforzheimier, Ensemble, Elle, JetBlue Pilot, Margot, Serena, Pilar (Everyone in this number!)
8:20Omigod You Guys *Margot, Serena, Pilar, Kate, Leilani, Girl, Elle, [Salesgirl (spoken)], Delta Nus, Manager
8:30Chip on my Shoulder (Part 1) *Emmett, Elle, Delta Nus (DNs only at end)
8:40Chip on my Shoulder (Part 2) *Elle, Emmett, Aaron, Warner, Margo, Serena, Pilar, Greek Chorus (AKA Delta Nus)
8:50Positive *Serena, Margot, Pilar, Elle, Greek Chorus (Detla Nus), Vivienne, Warner
8:55Daughter of Delta Nu *Delta Nus, Margo, Pilar, Serena
Sep 21Fri3:45 - 6:00Act IEntire Cast
Sep 22Sat11:30-1:00Poster CanvassingCAST & CREW--show up at the front of the school to receive your show shirt and your chosen area to put up posters! This day is really a lot of fun! Parents--please sign up to help on the sign up genius link! Megan, Suzanna, Sophia S., Kate L.
Here's the link:
2:00 - 5:00Paint Day! Wear clothes that you don't mind ruining--the paint will not wash out!Please sign up with the link above.
Sep 23SunMegan, Lila 2:00, Kate 5:00
Sep 24Mon3:45whipped into shapethe jumpropes + brookeZac 6:15, Maddie 5:15, Lola 7, (Kate)
Sep 25Tue3:45whipped into shapethe jumpropes + brookeAngela 5:00,
Sep 26WedVocal - Music RoomAbby 6, Kate L. 6:00
3:00All Act 2 * (in order)All Cast in Act 2
Sep 27ThuVocal - Music Room
6:00All Act 1 * (in order)All Cast in Act 1
Sep 28Fri3:45BlockingSuzanna, Lila back by 4:30
Sep 29Sat11:00 - 12:00Dance RehearsalDelta Nus & Suzanna
12:00 - 2:00Dance Rehearsal
Sep 30SunMax S. 6:15, Lila 2:00, Kate 5:00
Oct 1Mon3:45Legally blond mixallZac 6:15; Max S. 6:00, Lola 7
Oct 2Tue3:45Legally blond mixallVanessa, Angela 5:00
Oct 3WedVocal - Music RoomSebastien, Abby 6, Aryana, Kate L. 6:00
3:00Sitzprobe - ALL MUSIC * (in order)All Cast - with Pit Orchestra
Oct 4ThuBlockingAll Cast Max S. 6:00, Abby, Aryana
Oct 5Fri3:45Tech No cast will be called this daySebastien 5:00, Megan, Abby, Aryana
Oct 6Sat10-2:00Build Day, Megan, Abby, Aryana
Oct 7SunMegan, Abby, Aryana, Lila 2:00, Kate 5:00
Oct 8Monpossible rehearsalMaddie 5:15, Aryana, Lola 7
Oct 9Tue5:30Act IAll Cast, Stage Crew, Lights, SoundAryana
Oct 10Wed3:00Act IIAll Cast, Stage Crew, Lights, SoundAryana
Oct 11Thu5:30Act IAll Cast, Stage Crew, Lights, Sound
Oct 12Fri5:30Act IIAll Cast, Stage Crew, Lights, Sound
Oct 13SatAbby 12 -5
Oct 14SunLila 2:00, Kate 5:00
Oct 15Mon5:30All Cast, All Crews
Oct 16Tue5:30All Cast, All Crews
Oct 17Wed3:00All Cast, All Crews
Oct 18Thu5:30All Cast, All Crews
Oct 19Fri5:30Opening Night! 7:30 CurtainAll Cast, All Crews
Oct 20Sat6:007:30 CurtainAll Cast, All Crews
Oct 21Sun12:302:00 CurtainAll Cast, All Crews
Oct 22Mon
Oct 23Tue
Oct 24Wed3:00Brush Up RehearsalNo costume or makeup; stage crew, lights and sound & pit
Oct 25Thu
Oct 26FriNo ShowMarching Band at the Home Game!
Oct 27Sat6:007:30 Curtain
Oct 28Sun12:302:00 Curtain
STRIKE IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE SHOW! All cast & crew must stay to help until everything is cleaned up and put away. Please bring one adult. Everyone wear closed toed shoes--no sandals or flip flops. Roll will be taken at the end of strike. ANY SCRIPTS MUST BE ERASED AND RETURNED TO STAGE MANAGER BEFORE STRIKE OR YOU WILL BE BILLED. If you do not participate in strike, you are not eligible to participate in the the next show.