Iliad...Rehearsal schedule

March 96:00 Call/7:30 CurtainOpening Night6:00 Call Time
March 106:00 Call/7:30 CurtainSaturday Show6:00 Call Time
March 1112:30 Call/2:00 CurtainClosing12:30 Call Time **NOTE --DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME** CLOCKS GO FORWARD 1 HOUR--GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP! :)
4:00StrikeThis is where we take down the sets, put all the props away (yes...all of them...and there's a lot of them!) Everybody helps. Everybody brings a parent. Cast & Crew must stay til strike is done--role will be taken. Once the theatre is clean, we go to the cast party! :)  PLEASE WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES.