Fall One-Acts: Info

We will produce a Night of One-Acts November 20 and 21. (OK--that's really 2 nights of One-Acts)

Help Desk by Don Zolidis: (comedy) When you call the help desk, you're looking for a solution - but your problems might just be beginning. Whether you're getting shamed about your inability to log in, giving your credit card information to a scammer, or having serious conversations with a clown, customer service calls spiral into absurdity for the customers and employees alike in this hilarious comedy.
4-30 actors possible; all ages and ethnicities; run time 30 - 40 minutes

Bad Auditions on Camera by Ian McWethy & Carrie McWethy: (comedy) A casting director has one day to find an actor to fill the role of a lawyer in a crime procedural. But what seems like a simple task proves impossible when the pool of actors includes stage thespians who can't tone it down for the screen, performers completely unable to keep themselves in frame, and an actor who seems to believe this is a toothpaste commercial. Vote for who you think should get the role when you step behind the doors of a casting session in this hilarious comedy.

4-13 actors possible; all ethnicities; run time 30 - 40 minutes

Video audition submissions are due no later than 10pm, Wednesday, September 30th

If needed we will have callbacks on Monday, October 5th @ 5:30pm

Rehearsals will begin Tuesday, October 6th or Wednesday, October 7th @ 3:45pm

Please check out this page for AUDITION SPECIFICS and the audition form

Crew Applications are due no later than 10pm, Wednesday, September 30th

To be honest, virtual theater is new territory for me. I do not know what sort of crew we will need for the show--if any--beyond Stage Managers. You are a VITAL part of any live stage production and we couldn't do it without you. Please fill in this form if you are interested in helping out--and as we go through rehearsals, if we can use your talents, I will contact you. Thank you so much for your understanding!!

Company Expectations:


  • No more than 2 excused absences are allowed per actor (see Conflicts)

  • Please pay attention to rehearsal schedules. On time means you are READY TO WORK at the time listed—this is not the time you arrive.

  • No absences are allowed during November 16 - 21 prior to opening the show.

  • If you are REALLY sick, e-mail Mrs. Skelton to let her know: skeltontheatre@gmail.com or communicate with the stage manager


  • You need to balance the show, your classes and your other obligations. Schedule your time wisely. If you drop below a 2.0 you can no longer be in the show.


  • All actors/crew must be courteous to the directors, each other and any adults working on the production at all times.

  • Quiet in the rehearsal space --mute yourself when you are not working on a scene -- so we can focus on rehearsal

  • Take care of props & costumes. You will be charged if they are damaged or lost. If it’s not yours—don’t touch it.


I expect all participants to be fully committed to this program. Please list all commitments or special occasions that may conflict with rehearsals or performances (e.g. school events, vacations, other productions, practices, lessons, doctor appointments, auditions, weddings.) The number and frequency of your conflicts will have a bearing on casting.

List ALL CONFLICTS you can think of between October 5th and November 21. I cast and make the rehearsal schedule based around your conflicts, so the more you tell me about, the less likely it will be that you will have any conflicts at all. However, because I cannot predict illnesses, sudden conflict, and other similar factors, we may need to add a rehearsal date, or change a rehearsal from on thing to another. Rehearsals will likely change slightly over the rehearsal period, so it is important that you keep your schedule flexible.

A conflict is any time you are going to miss over 50% of the rehearsal. Leaving early or late for rehearsal must be cleared in advance and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you are cast in the show, you will be allowed 3 conflict dates, which must be given in writing by your parent. We will not accept added conflicts that exceed the allotted TWO. (This means only 2 specific dates; ie “every Tuesday” means you have 6 conflicts, not 1). If you find that with your active schedule of other things (sports, lessons, college visits, etc) that you will have more than 2 conflicts, you may want to reconsider auditioning for this play.

NOTE: people who miss rehearsals not cleared in advance will lose their role or crew assignments. Actors are cast because the director believes they have something unique to offer. Sometimes, though, people underestimate the amount of responsibility required to put on a quality play. If you drop out of the show after being cast (or worse, are dropped for missing rehearsals), you will not be cast in another show until you can prove - through work in theatre arts classes and production crew - that you recognize and accept the required responsibility. Do not hurt your scene partner or damage your reputation by dropping out of a play.

Additional Requirements: Each cast member must have / or care for if provided to you:

* A computer (Mac or Windows OS) with multi-core processor (Intel i5 or better) and 4gb RAM (or better), webcam and microphone.

* A reliable internet connection with at least 3mbs upload and 10mbs download. (Screen test of https://www.speedtest.net/ results required)

* A minimum 8'x8' space in which to rehearse and perform--possibly more than one space

* Some level of self-costuming will be required.

* Burlingame Drama may provide other equipment (ring lights, external mics, external webcams, props???)

- Actors must agree to be responsible to Zoom provided equipment while it is in their possession.

- Actors must agree to drop off or re-box and ship Zoom provided equipment back to Burlingame Drama within three days after last performance (we will cover cost of shipping).