Cast List - Fall One-Acts

Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned! It was evident in your audition videos that you put time and thought into your work and made some great choices in your acting. Unfortunately, as is always the case--I cannot cast everyone. I am thoroughly grateful that we have such an abundance of talent here at BHS! If you did not get cast this time, please consider performing in our Open Mic Nights coming soon. (Come to Drama Club to find out more!)


Mrs. Skelton

Zoom Manager - Hannah Broman

Assistant Zoom Manager - Kyra Schlezinger

Bad Auditions...On Camera

Casting Director - Ruby Lawrence

Roger - Casting Assistant - Megan Sullivan

Gina Marie - Staten Islander in 30s - Kimberlly Baldwin

Kellin - Proper Theatre Actor - Kate Christian

Tandy - Intense & energetic reading - Jessi Fleming

Jeff Porter - confident bro-y actor - Aiden Mendoza

Carmen - Internet influencer - Laurel Brown

Greg - based in LA - Ainsley Gutierrez

Wendy Spellane - From NY- Sam Johnstone

Phyllis - total perfectionist - Aylia Siddiqui

Rory - wearing odd costume but perfect for the role - Helen Zhan

Tom Buckman - community theater actor - Anthony Nash

Uma Flynn - regional actress - mixes up words - Lila Sutherlin

Help Desk

Angel - Ainsley Gutierrez

Jeralyn - Sarah Cowell

Tanner - Aiden Mendoza

Boris - Anthony Nash

Carter - Kate Christian

Talula - Aylia Siddiqui

Marcus - Jessi Fleming

Bailey - Sarah Cowell

Dani - Helen Zhan

Preston - Vanessa Teo

Monique - Lila Sutherlin

Tamara - Sarah Cowell

Boffo - Saanvi Jain

Mara - Sam Johnstone

Brent - Kimberlly Baldwin

Brin - Laurel Brown

Charlie - Aiden Mendoza

Yamira - Lila Sutherlin

Chase - Kate Christian

Jess - Jessi Fleming

Brett - Vanessa Teo

Vic - Anthony Nash

Miley - Saanvi Jain

Mabel - Kimberlly Baldwin

Milena - Laurel Brown

Stuart - Ainsley Gutierrez