Mamma Mia - Crew List

Thank you for signing up for Mamma Mia Crew!

Some of you may not have gotten your first choice, but we tried to make places for as many people as possible.

You and your parents will receive a registration e-mail this weekend. Please fill it out now so we can make sure your name gets on our show shirt!!

CAST & CREW: Mandatory Production Meeting Thursday evening at 7:00 in the theater--you must bring a parent or guardian. Crew, I expect to see you there. You are not required to be at the rehearsals until around October 1. We will keep you posted.

It’s going to be an exciting show--thank you for choosing to be part of it!

Mrs. Skelton, Mr. Reifschneider & Jim

Mamma Mia - Crew!

Stage Manager - Laura Ehrlich

ASM - Annie Johnson, Kyra Schlezinger, Aiden Mendoza

Costumes: Annika Gauthier, Elisenne Yun, Megan Liebhaber, Josie Fontana

Makeup: Shaira Vohra, Alexis Wong, Mia Knight

Hair: Amanda Gawad (lead), Vanessa Gawad

Lights: Laine Schlezinger

Sound/Lights: Asher Whitten, Haya Hawamdah, Aliye Serefiddin

Spotlight: Kyle Knowles, Taylor Wong

Stage/Prop Crew: Emma Birmingham, Hannah Broman, Isabella Beserra, Andrea Chu-Tam

Painting: Daniel Silva Orencio