Puffs - Cast List

Cast List:

Congratulations! I would like to thank everyone for auditioning. I was incredibly impressed with the talent that I saw this past week. The energy and enthusiasm you showed at callbacks really made my decision difficult. Regardless of whether you made the show or not, you should be very proud of your audition. The overall acting was incredible!

Please pick up your scripts Monday at lunch.

Mrs. Skelton

PS: Please put this on your calendar:

Production Meeting Thursday, January 16 @ 7:00pm in the theater. Bring a parent.

Wayne: Lucas Gilmour

Oliver: Aiden Mendoza

Cedric/Mr. Voldy: Anthony Nash

Certain Potions Teacher: Jack Nelson

Ernie Mac: Kate Christian

J Finch: Sebastien Maychrowitz

Narrator: Ruby Lawrence

Megan: Kayla Biewer

Leanne: Laurel Brown

Susie Bones/Harry: Jessica Fleming

Sally Perks: Ainsley Gutierrez

Hannah: Angela Crosatto

Professor McG: Tekla Carlen

Xavia Jones: Ellery Turner

Bippy the House Elf: Jessica Fleming

Myrtle: Sophia Weiler

Ensemble: Tekla Carlen, Jack Nelson, Ellery Turner, Sophia Weiler