Puffs - Crew List

Puffs: Crew List

Thank you for all the interest in being part of the crew. Unfortunately, we did not have room for everyone to work back stage. However, if you are interested in painting or ushering, please let me know. I’ll be sending out e-mails early next year (that sounds so strange!) to determine how involved you would like to be.

Mrs. Skelton

Crew Members: Please put this on your calendar:

Production Meeting Thursday, January 16 @ 7:00pm in the theater. Bring a parent.

Stage Manager: Laura Ehrlich

Assistant Stage Managers: Annie Johnson & Hannah Broman

Stage Crew: Emma Birmingham, Aliye Serefiddin, Zoe McCarthy, Daniel Silva Orencio, Calla Kamenov, Aryana Dizadji

Spot Light: Kyle Knowles

Light Board: Mia Knight

Sound Board: Jack Fleming

Sound/Light Assistant: Erik Yarmolinsky

Hair & Makeup: Amanda Gawad (lead), Vanessa Gawad

Costumes: Annika Gauthier (lead), Josie Fontana, Sam Johnstone, Sawyer Fair, Aylia Siddiqui, Zara Jones, Kimberlly Baldwin, Olivia Mott