Mamma Mia!

Callbacks were so much fun and full of energy! Thank you all for really bringing your best--you made casting difficult!

We will get right into it with our first rehearsal on Monday @ 3:45 in the theatre. We’ll go over expectations and then get right into dance. This will be a full cast number--everyone come prepared to dance. Bring water!

Please check the schedule for times & places--all music rehearsals will be in the music room. Dance and blocking in the theater.

You and your parents will receive a registration e-mail this weekend. Fill it out now if you want your script on Monday!

CAST & CREW: Mandatory Production Meeting Thursday evening at 7:00 in the theater--you must bring a parent or guardian. (Yes, I realize that most of the cast will be in music rehearsal--that’s fine--but a parent needs to come to the production meeting.) Crew, I expect to see you there. Crew: you are not required to be at the rehearsals until around October 1. We will keep you posted.

It’s going to be an exciting show--thank you for choosing to be part of it!

Mrs. Skelton, Mr. Reifschneider & Jim

Mamma Mia - Cast List

Donna Sheridan: Laurel Brown

Tanya: Aryana Dizadji

Rosie: Megan Sullivan

Sophie Sheridan: Ruby Lawrence

Lisa: Samantha Johnstone

Ali: Sophia Weiler

Sam Carmichael: Lucas Gilmour

Bill Austin: Zac Nelson

Harry Bright: Anthony Nash

Sky: Jeffrey Chen

Pepper: Joshua Wong

Eddie: Jack Nelson

Father Alexandrios: Sebastien Maychrowitz


Cherry Anamala

Kimberlly Baldwin

Sabina Barrolaza

Kayla Biewer

Kate Christian

Angela Crosatto

Aideen Delahunt

Sawyer Fair

Jessi Fleming

Ainsley Gutierrez

Max Gutierrez

Zara Jones

Tuesday Judd

Calla Kamenov

Sophie Kamenov

Zoe McCarthy

Ellie Neuman

Lola Nickas

Aylia Siddiqui

Samantha Storey

Lila Sutherlin

Vanessa Teo

Ellery Turner

Penelope Watson

Eric Yamolinsky

Anthony Yuen